Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Ocala, Florida

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Marion CountyFlorida residents and visitors tend to spend a great deal of time outdoors, whether shopping, walking in rural areas or otherwise enjoying Florida’s attractions. However, this puts pedestrians at risk for accidents.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 5,000 pedestrians were involved in fatal accidents after being struck by a motor vehicle in the year 2012.

There are many different ways that a pedestrian accident can occur, including:

  • Pedestrians who are hit by a vehicle while walking or jogging on the sidewalk
  • Pedestrians who are struck while exiting a car or bus
  • Pedestrians who are hit while walking across a parking lot
  • Pedestrians who are sideswiped by a car or truck

Typically, injuries that result from a pedestrian accident are severe, simply due to the lack of protection the human body has against a moving vehicle. Catastrophic injuries are likely to occur, including:

  • severe head and brain injuries
  • broken or crushed bones
  • spinal cord injuries
  • loss of limb
  • wrongful death

The consequences of being the victim of a pedestrian accident or losing a loved one in such an accident often amount to overwhelming medical expenses, lost wages due to temporary or permanent disability, lost enjoyment of life, and emotional pain and suffering.

Families who have been faced with a pedestrian accident need someone on their side who not only understands the challenges they are facing, but who will also passionately advocate for their right to compensation.

The Slonaker Law Firm has experience working with victims of pedestrian accidents and their families and can provide you with solid legal advice and zealous representation in your time of need.

From investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident to providing expert witness testimony, the Slonaker Law Firm has what you need to prevail in a court of law.

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Ronald Slonaker has helped dozens of clients get the full and fair compensation they deserve after a pedestrian accident. He will work hard to explore every legal option that is available to you and will exhaust all potential resources for restitution, including:

  • insurance settlements
  • punitive damages
  • premises liability settlements

When a pedestrian accident threatens to change your way of life, it’s crucial to have someone advocating for you when your job is to focus on your family.

Attorney Slonaker works hard on your case so you can get the settlement you need to move forward with your life after such a devastating event.

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