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Many insurance companies do an excellent job of advertising low rates on television and the internet; however, what they fail to mention is that their primary goal is to make a profit.

How would they make a profit if they paid out the maximum on every single claim that their policy holders made? lawyer to help fight an insurance claim dispute

Insurance companies count on customers accepting a claim denial or low payment on a claim without a fight. But you have a right to appeal your denial or fight for a higher payout on your claim.

When an insurance company acts in bad faith and denies a claim that your policy clearly states it should pay, you can take action by consulting with a insurance claim litigation attorney to protect your rights and hold the insurance company to its word.

Insurance Company Denial Tactics

Insurance companies use a variety of tactics to deny claims that they should be paying:

  • “Your medical records show that you aren’t as injured as you say”
  • “You knew what you were doing was dangerous and therefore you accepted the risk”
  • “Your story changed during your treatment”
  • “You had a hand in causing the accident, therefore you caused injury to yourself”
  • “There was a gap in your treatment, which means you are already healed”

Many of the arguments that an insurance company uses against you are frivolous and unsubstantiated. Nevertheless, they are hoping that the person will not fight the denial and simply accept it and move on.

By working with an experienced insurance denial lawyer in Florida, you can protect your rights as outlined by your insurance policy. 

How to Take Legal Action Against an Insurance Company

If you reviewed your policy and determined that your insurance company has acted in bad faith or has breached their contract with you, you may have the option to take legal action against them.

Breach of Contract

When you take out an insurance policy, it is a contract between you and the insurance company. An insurance company may be guilty of breaching your contract if it has failed to live up to contractual obligations, like paying out a claim after a qualifying loss.

You may be able to sue your insurance company for breach of contract if you can prove that the qualifying loss you submitted was denied when it clearly shouldn’t have been. 

Bad Faith

An insurance company acts in bad faith when it does not treat the policyholder fairly.Ocala Insurance Denial Attorney

If you can prove that your insurance company acted in bad faith against you when you submitted a valid claim, you may be able to obtain financial restitution. 

Examples of Bad Faith Actions

An insurance company who is acting in bad faith might:

  • Refuse to pay a claim that is valid according to the terms of the policy
  • Deny a claim without providing a valid reason for doing so, including failing to provide a written statement as to why the claim was denied
  • Delaying payment of a claim, including delaying payment until the statute of limitations has passed
  • Refusing to conduct an investigation of the claim
  • Intentionally undervaluing the losses in your claim
  • Deceptively interpreting the policy
  • Using more than one insurance adjuster or expert in order to delay the claims processing
  • Terminating an insurance policy without a good reason

With the help of an experienced Ocala insurance denial attorney, you can fight back against an insurance company who acted in bad faith against you. 

Insurance Company Excuses

Insurance companies have a number of excuses to try to intimidate a policyholder from pursuing their claim after a denial. For example, an insurance company might say:

  • “Nobody witnessed the accident, so there’s no one who will believe your version of events.”
  • “We have paid an expert doctor to testify that you weren’t injured in the accident, and there’s another explanation for your problems.”
  • “We have paid an expert doctor to testify that the problems you are having are caused by a preexisting condition and not the accident.”
  • “We have paid an expert doctor to testify that your injuries aren’t as serious as you say they are.”
  • “We have a paid expert who will testify that it was your own negligence or carelessness that caused the accident.”
  • “We have a paid doctor who will testify that you stayed out of work longer than you should have to get more money. He/she will say that you could have gone back to work much sooner.”

Most people get intimidated by the insurance company’s threats and will start to believe that they really don’t have a case. This is what the insurance companies want. 

Only an experienced Florida insurance litigation attorney can help you stand up against insurance companies who are making excuses or acting in bad faith. A lawyer can help you hold an insurance company legally accountable for their actions.

Your Rights Under Florida Law

Under Florida law, you have certain rights when it comes to insurance claims.

  • You are entitled to the complete benefits of the policy if you submit a claim that is covered
  • You have the right to receive in writing the reason for your insurance claim denial
  • You have the right to appeal an insurance denial

Many insurance companies will ignore your rights, hoping that you won’t stand up for yourself. Florida Insurance Attorney

An insurance adjuster may ask you to sign a waiver that allows them to look into your full medical history, including medical records that have nothing to do with the accident. Or, the adjuster may request that you record a statement, which may be held against you later on.

By working with a seasoned insurance denial lawyer in your area, you can increase the chances that your claim will be approved, and that you will receive the full and fair benefits that are due you. 

The Slonaker Law Firm has helped numerous clients get the insurance settlements they deserve after accidents, hurricanes and other damaging events.

The firm has experience in a variety of insurance litigation cases, including but not limited to:

  • Homeowner claims, including damage due to inclement weather, fire and theft
  • Accident claims, including auto accidents, hit and run, uninsured or under-insured motorists, work-related accidents, and premises liability accidents
  • Life insurance claims
  • PIP claims

If you are an insurance policyholder who has maintained any kind of policy and has submitted a claim for compensation that has been denied, it is important to contact a qualified Florida insurance bad faith lawyer as quickly as possible.

Ronald Slonaker has the experience and skills needed to give your case a strong legal edge, and he can increase the chances that your insurance company will overturn their denial.

Whether you received a denial letter from your auto, life, homeowner or other insurance company, the Slonaker Law Firm is well-prepared to defend you and fight your case.Ocala attorney for insurance claim dispute

Ronald Slonaker will begin by thoroughly reviewing your insurance policy for language and clauses that work in your favor, and he will present your case to the insurance company to allow for the opportunity to reverse the denial.

If needed, Attorney Slonaker can aggressively fight on your behalf in the courtroom and use his established litigation skills to petition the court for a positive result for you and your family.

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