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Ron Slonaker is an attorney in Ocala, Florida who helps clients with homeowner insurance claims, including denials


Ocala attorney for denied home owner insuranceA crucial part of owning a home is having homeowner’s insurance, especially in Florida where homes are exposed to inclement weather throughout the year.

Homeowner’s insurance is designed to cover a variety of damages, including but not limited to:

  • Fire damage
  • Hurricane and wind damage
  • Tornado damage
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Limited injuries, such as dog bites

Most people who file a claim with their homeowner’s insurance company after a hurricane, theft or other damage has occurred expect their insurance company to honor the policy and make a settlement offer on the claim.

However, homeowner’s insurance companies exist, in essence, to turn a profit and paying out high settlement claims isn’t the way to do that.

Companies will give a variety of reasons for denying homeowners insurance claims, including:

  • The policy is declared void due to fraudulent insurance application
  • The policy was canceled prior to damage to the home
  • Any coverage is denied due to an exclusion of the policy
  • Coverage is denied for your loss without explanation
  • You are required to submit to an examination under oath

Even though you may feel as though you have little recourse after receiving a denial letter from your insurance company, there are options available to you with the help of a Florida bad faith insurance attorney.

Slonaker Law Firm has years of experience working with homeowners who have experienced a denial of their claim and can provide you with skilled legal representation from the outset of your case.

About Slonaker Law Firm

Upon consulting with you, Ocala insurance lawyer Ronald Slonaker will thoroughly review your insurance policy for legal terminology and clauses that may be in your favor. He will then present this information to your insurance company, giving them the opportunity to overturn their denial decision and make a settlement offer.

If necessary, Attorney Slonaker has the ability to aggressively seek a decision in your favor through the means of arbitration or litigation.

When your home has been damaged and your insurance company has denied your claim, contact Ronald Slonaker for a consultation to discuss your next move.

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