Florida Automotive Accident FAQ

What should I do after I get into a Florida car accident? 

Auto accident attorney Ronald SlonakerIf you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident in Florida, the most important thing to do is stop and get medical help right away. Call 911 as quickly as possible, or if there are no major injuries, call the police.

If you are not being taken to the hospital by ambulance, it is important to go to your nearest emergency room after all information is provided to the police and the other drivers involved in the accident.

Failure to be evaluated by a medical professional immediately after a car accident can compromise a personal injury claim later on.

What if I’m the passenger in a vehicle crash? 

If you were involved in a car accident as a passenger, you have the same rights as the driver and should follow nearly the same steps. Be sure to obtain medical care quickly after the accident, and keep records of all medical testing and diagnoses made by a medical professional.

Contact a personal injury attorney once your condition is stable to discuss an insurance and/or personal injury settlement.

What should I do if the other driver isn’t insured or doesn’t have enough insurance? 

In some cases, the driver who is at fault for the accident will have inadequate insurance coverage for injuries and damage to the vehicle that resulted from the collision. As a state requirement, your insurance policy is likely to have additional coverage for an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

Contact your insurance company after the accident to discuss your policy and also reach out to a Florida car accident lawyer to learn more about your options.

What if my insurance claim is denied? 

Insurance companies can deny an auto accident claim for a variety of reasons. If the policyholder failed to keep the policy current, or provided fraudulent information on the initial policy application, the accident claim may be denied. Alternatively, even individuals with current policies may have their claims denied through no fault of their own.

Any time your insurance claim is denied after an accident, it’s crucial to contact an Ocala car crash lawyer to discuss how you can move forward.

When should I contact a Florida personal injury attorney? 

While seeking medical attention after an accident is of the utmost importance, the next thing you should do is call a Florida personal injury lawyer.

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