Ocala Attorney to Help with Your Denied Car Insurance Claim

Lawyer to help with denied car insurance claimFlorida law requires that all drivers carry automobile insurance. Failure to maintain automobile insurance on all vehicles can result in:

  • the revocation of vehicle registration
  • the suspension of the vehicle owner’s driver’s license
  • or full responsibility for damages and injuries that are the result of a collision

However, even when a driver has an auto insurance policy, a claim can still be denied in the event of an accident. Reasons that a Florida auto accident claim may be denied include:

  • False statements made on the application for auto insurance
  • Falsified driving history or preexisting vehicle damage on the application for auto insurance
  • Insurance company disputes about the value of damages to the vehicle during the accident
  • Insurance company disputes about the value and necessity of medical costs for injuries related to the accident

Having an auto accident claim denied by your insurance company can cause significant financial burdens for medical treatment and vehicle repair.

Sometimes, it is in the best interest of the insurance company to deny an accident claim. The insurance company needs to continue making a profit, as opposed to paying out an accident settlement that would cover the cost of medical treatments and vehicle repair.

However, there are many times where a policy holder is not in the wrong, and the insurance claim is denied. If your automobile insurance policy clearly states that the accident claim is covered, your claim may have been wrongfully denied.

Don’t wait until it’s too late before consulting with a skilled Ocala car insurance claim attorney about your denial.

Acting quickly to obtain strong legal representation can increase the chances that the denial may be overturned.

The Slonaker Law Firm has experience working with auto accident insurance claim denials and can provide you with the skills and resources that will give your case a legal edge.

Insurance companies often bank on the fact that many policy holders won’t hire an attorney, but when you do, they are forced to uphold their end of the insurance policy agreement.

Contact Ronald Slonaker today to discuss your case at 352-629-6656, or after hours call 352-777-8176. Attorney Slonaker can help you hold your car insurance company to the promises they made in your original policy.