If you’ve been in a car accident, obviously the first person that you’re going to look to, to recover for any damages caused in that crash is going to be the individual driving the car that caused the accident. But this is where attorneys become really important in your car accident case. We can look and determine whether that car was owned by somebody else, and if it was, then you have a claim against the owner of a motor vehicle who is liable for any actions taken by the driver of that car even if they weren’t in the car.

There are other potential sources of recovery, for example, was the person that caused your accident an employee of a business? If so, then you have a claim against the business. Was the person who caused the accident an agent or servant of somebody running an errand for them, and if so, you have a potential claim against them.

An attorney will examine all sources of recovery from the driver of the car to any other person or party that may be liable under Florida law for causing the accident.