Do you need to hire an attorney when you’ve been involved in a car accident? Maybe yes, maybe no kind of answer to that question. If you’re entirely at fault in the accident, then you likely will not have to hire an attorney because your insurance company will represent you. To one exception to that rule is, if the damages that you’ve caused in the car accident is more than the available insurance that you have with your car policy, then I would urge you to hire an attorney to represent what’s called a potential excess judgment situation. That is where the damages would exceed whatever bodily injury liability coverage you have in your policy.

If you’re not at fault in the car accident or only partially at fault in that car accident or injured, then by all means please hire an attorney to represent you. The insurance adjusters are going to try and settle your case for as little as possible and save their company as much money as possible. Statistics have shown that if you hire an attorney following a car accident, the net recovery to you is likely going to be significantly more than if you try to proceed on your own and that’s even when you take into account the fee or cost that the attorney would charge you.