Does it matter what physician or doctor you see after an accident? Yes it does. A lot of the doctors particularly your family doctor do not want to get involved in car accidents. The don’t want to deal with attorneys, they don’t want to have to get deposition. They don’t want to go to court, it takes time away from their medical practice.

Most attorneys, however, are familiar with physicians, chiropractors or other health care providers, who do treat accident victims.

Many of those will also work with the attorney as far as the medical bills go and accept a letter of protection or LOP. A fair collection of any bills for the services provided until the case comes to an end.

Also importantly, these doctors are very familiar with what insurance companies want in terms of medical records and medical documentation and medical reports. When they write them, they’re writing them with the understanding that that information is going to be provided to an insurance company at some point in the future.