If you’ve been in a car accident there is typically two types of recovery that you’re interested in. The first is property damage. You can go against the insurance company that insures the person that caused your accident and try to make a recovery that way.

Option two is actually use your own insurance company if you have that kind of coverage with your policy and I found that it’s usually faster and more expedient if you use your own car insurance to collect your property damages and then let your company try to collect that money back from the other insurance company. As far as medical bills they are paid under Florida’s version of no followed insurance that’s called PIP.

It will pay up to $10,000 of total benefits for medical bills, hospital bills and lost wages. Typically medical bills are paid at an 80% rate like Blue Cross or Blue Sheild. Lost wages would be reimbursed to you at 60% of your gross salary provided you can give a doctor’s note or a documentation that you’re only out of work because of the accident.