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Client 4 – Mother and Son Car Accident – $104,500 settlement:

Posted on : July 28, 2016, By:  Ronald Slonaker

Our client was riding as a passenger in a family mini-van being driven by her husband, along with their two very young boys who were in the back seat. The clients were driving on Marricamp Road towards Ocala from the Silver Springs Shores area in a 55 mph zone when an elderly woman driver going the other way made an abrupt left turn in front of the client’s vehicle, causing a “T-Bone” crash.

Our client’s mini-van was totaled from the impact, and our client and her two sons were rushed to the hospital by ambulance where they were treated and released.

In the accident, the mother received a serious knee injury. A few weeks after the accident, the injured knee gave way; she fell and hurt her arm and shoulder.

We successfully argued with the insurance company that all of the injuries, including the arm and shoulder, were due to the negligence and fault of its insured driver.

Ultimately the insurance company agreed and paid the mother the available policy limits of $100,000.00. We then settled one of the boy’s claims, who fortunately was not injured that severely, for $4,500.00. The remaining son is still under active treatment for the injuries he incurred.