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Client 2 – Slip and Fall – Settlement for $225,000 after a lawsuit was filed:

Posted on : July 28, 2016, By:  Ronald Slonaker

Our client incurred serious injuries to her low back and tailbone area due to a “slip and fall” accident at the defendant’s business, a local restaurant. Our client had gone to the restaurant for lunch with a friend and while walking down a hallway toward the restrooms, our client slipped and fell on her buttocks due to a large accumulation of water on a tile floor coupled with inadequate lighting in the hallway.

The restaurant manager agreed to pay our client’s emergency room bills, but when she returned with the bills two weeks later, she found the business had closed.

I was able to find out which insurance company insured the business and contacted them in an effort to settle our client’s injury claim. The insurance company initially offered $10,000 to settle.

I then filed suit on behalf of our client and after that was able to settle with them on the client’s behalf for $225,000.