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What Should I Ask for In a Personal Injury Settlement?

Posted on : March 22, 2021, By:  Ronald Slonaker

If you or a family member were injured through no fault of your own, you may be able to bring forward a personal injury claim to obtain financial compensation for the economic and non-economic damages you suffered as a result of the accident.

How you bring forward your initial settlement request is important. Here are four things to ask for, and how to get the legal help your family need after a devastating accident.

Both Past and Future Medical Bills

Medical expenses are one of the easiest types of damages to compensate victims for. These are considered economic damages, or damages that have a monetary value. 

Gather copies of all your medical expenses since the incident, including bills for prescription medication and medical devices, and provide them to your personal injury attorney. Your lawyer will calculate the cost of your medical expenses and add them to your overall settlement request.

Therapy and Rehabilitation Expenses

Depending on the injuries you suffered, you may need extensive rehabilitation and physical therapy. This can be costly. Make sure your personal injury settlement claim includes the cost of therapy or rehabilitation that you have already had, as well as what your treatment team anticipates you needing in the future.

Lost Wages and Lost Future Income

You’ll likely be out of work for a period of time following the accident to recover from your injuries. This results in lost wages, which can exacerbate the already challenging financial consequences of an incident that resulted in a serious injury.

Ideally, a forensic accountant will review your current and future lost wages and adjust them for inflation. Bonuses, raises, and work advancement opportunities that you would have received had you not been injured should also be included in your claim.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering are considered non-economic damages that you should be compensated for following an accident. How much this will be largely depends on the severity of your accident and if you are left with lifelong consequences as a result.

Get the Experienced Legal Help You Need After an Accident

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