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Is the Biggest Source of Distracted Driving the One That You Think?

Posted on : October 18, 2018, By:  Ronald Slonaker

Are you trying to cut down on the temptation to pick up your phone because you know how distracting it is in life? Many people want to curb their smartphone addiction or don’t realize how dangerous it is until they are in the car, trying to avoid yet another infiltration of their focus while at the wheel.

A new Ohio State study has explored the top sources of distracted driving.  Despite a prevalence of distracted driving laws designed to curb the behavior and to hold people accountable for all forms of distracted driving, this continues to be a common source of vehicle accidents and vehicle fatalities.  

That was what promoted Ohio State to complete a recent study about the top distractions keeping people less focused on the road. The Risk Institute, located at the Ohio State University, has been looking at these factors for more than a year, and has discovered that there are greater and more distractions than just use of a smartphone that can cause someone to take their eye off the road.  In fact, researchers identified that the number one behavior that caused someone to lose their attention on the road was the radio. Some of today’s more modern cars allow adjustments to the radio right from the dashboard with just the touch of a finger. Their research study identified that radios were a distraction in nearly half of the cases evaluated, followed by distractions from adjusting the car’s navigational system.  This means that texting while driving came in at third on the list.

The study also found that many drivers were watching movies on their cell phones while behind the wheel. And unfortunately, texting may be fading into the background and these modern forms of distraction and entertainment in the car could be putting many people at risk. If you’ve already been hurt in a distracted driving accident, you need to consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately.