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How Does Pain and Suffering Compensation Factor Into a Car Accident Lawsuit?

Posted on : February 17, 2020, By:  Ronald Slonaker

Compensation For Accident Injuries


Calculating the total value of your car accident lawsuit can be difficult, especially when pain and suffering damages are included. Basic costs, like medical expenses and lost wages, are easier to calculate, while emotional and physical suffering are more difficult to quantify. Here’s what you should know about factoring pain and suffering into your car accident lawsuit. 

The Basic Costs of a Motor Vehicle Accident 

Basic damages, or economic damages, relate specifically to the quantifiable monetary expenses you incurred as a result of the accident. These include but aren’t limited to the cost of vehicle repair, lost wages from being out of work, medical bills, and funeral expenses if you lost a loved one. Usually, you can submit these bills to your attorney to add to your claim.

How a Car Crash Settlement Can Far Exceed Basic Economic Damages 


As the victim of a car accident through no fault of your own, you should receive some kind of compensation for any physical or emotional suffering you endured. The amount of pain and suffering restitution you’ll receive depends largely on the severity of your injuries and their impact on your everyday life. The greater the impact of the injuries, the greater the settlement needed to appropriately compensate the victim.

How Does a Judge Decide How Much Money to Award for Pain and Suffering?


Pain and suffering fall into the category of non-economic damages, meaning they are harder to calculate because they don’t have concrete dollar figures associated with them. What your suffering is worth monetarily is dependent upon the opinions of the judge and the attorneys working the case. Your attorney may multiply your economic damages by a certain amount to account for pain and suffering or may suggest paying a dollar amount per day you spent in pain. Your lawyer should assist you in obtaining evidence to bring to the table that depicts your pain and suffering, such as photographs of your injuries, detailed medical records, and the testimony of expert medical witnesses. 

How an Experienced Car Crash Lawyer Can Assist You 


It’s difficult, if not impossible, to obtain the compensation you deserve after a devastating car accident on your own. An attorney can help advocate for your legal right to financial restitution for vehicle damage, medical expenses, and physical and emotional pain and suffering. Florida personal injury attorney Ronald Slonaker can help defend you against unscrupulous insurance companies and dodgy at-fault drivers. Call today for a consultation at 352.629.6656.