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Florida Highway Patrol Requests Help with Road Debris Investigation

Posted on : May 9, 2018, By:  Ronald Slonaker

An I-95 spilled with flattened tires on more than 30 cars is currently seeking witnesses, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. A truck driver whose unsecured steel rod load caused 30 different vehicles to suffer from flat tires may have left the scene without providing appropriate evidence about how to find him or her. The Florida Highway Patrol suggested that there are currently no witnesses to the spill that led to significant road debris consequences.

Many of the damage associated with the spilled steel rods along the 7-mile stretch of I-95, where the incident occurred, was limited to flat tires. However, some vehicles also sustained tire rim damage. If the driver is identified, he may face a ticket for failing to secure the load he was hauling at the time, which is classified as a non-moving violation. Anyone who has a road debris spill accident and causes serious injuries, however, may be named in a personal injury incident. In Palm Beach County, road debris is a major problem on I-95, on the interstate that runs between Boca Raton to Jupiter.

The Florida Department of Transportation reports that more than 175 tons of litter is collected every single year. Some of these road debris accidents led to serious injuries or even fatalities. If you have already been injured in an accident like this, you can schedule a consultation with an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer.

A Florida lawyer may be the only one who can help when it feels like things are out of your control. Your lawyer will help you determine a settlement amount and fight in court to get the funds you need to pay your bills. If you think that an accident was caused by road debris that fell off the back of someone’s car or truck, your evidence to support this claim can help you when you need to recover accident support beyond your PIP coverage. This could be a critical element of your personal injury claim and one that should be explored right away.