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Do I Need an LOP (Letter of Protection)?

Posted on : August 6, 2021, By:  Ronald Slonaker
Slonaker Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been involved in an accident and are unable to afford your medical expenses, your credit may be affected or you may be denied some kinds of medical care. Here’s what you need to know about getting a Letter of Protection (LOP) and how obtaining one after filing an accident lawsuit is in your best interests. 

What Is a Letter of Protection? 

A Letter of Protection is a letter from a law firm stating that there is an ongoing personal injury lawsuit and when the case is resolved, the attorney that has issued the LOP will pay all medical expenditures associated with the case. 

Medical practitioners  must stop all debt collection activities and if your case is successful, your lawyer will deduct any medical expenses from your settlement and issue you a check for the remaining amount, minus attorney and court costs. You may be liable for your medical bills if your case is lost.

Why Are Letters of Protection Used? 

Letters of Protection are used to safeguard a person’s credit score while they wait for a personal injury lawsuit or insurance claim settlement. 

An LOP also allows an injured  person to obtain or continue getting healthcare that might otherwise be inaccessible if the individual cannot cover the costs of their care in the interim until the case is settled. This makes it easier for accident victims to get fast and/or specialized treatment when needed versus being tied up with insurance and lawsuit red tape. 

Do I Need an Attorney to Write an LOP? 

It’s typically not a wise decision to try to draft a Letter of Protection on your own. An LOP is a legally enforceable contract between the personal injury lawyer you employ and the medical practitioners you’re seeing, and requires an attorney to prepare. 

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