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Did You Know How Serious a Golf Cart Accident Can Be?

Posted on : December 29, 2014, By:  Ronald Slonaker

Many people don’t consider golf carts a true vehicle, and as a result, don’t think of the damages that a golf cart accident can cause. While some golf cart accidents result in little more than a few dents or scratches in the paint, others are much more serious. This is especially true in smaller Florida […]

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Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Posted on : December 20, 2014, By:  Ronald Slonaker

Truck accidents can be devastating, and frequently cause catastrophic and even fatal injuries simply due to the size and velocity of a truck on the roadway. There are many causes of a truck accident, many of which involve negligence or carelessness of some kind. Here are several common causes of truck accidents and what you […]

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What Never to Do After a Personal Injury

Posted on : December 8, 2014, By:  Ronald Slonaker

Being injured through no fault of your own at work or in an accident can be a devastating experience for you and your family. Not only is a personal injury emotionally challenging, it can be emotionally draining as well. If you pursue a personal injury case to gain compensation for medical bills, pain, suffering and […]

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What You Can Do to Maximize Your Auto Accident Settlement

Posted on : November 17, 2014, By:  Ronald Slonaker

Being involved in a car accident is something nobody expects, and it can wreak havoc on your life. You may need extensive medical care, and your job may be in jeopardy if you miss a significant period of work due to your injuries. Simply put, if you are the victim of a car accident, you […]

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How to Protect Your Legal Rights at the Scene of a Truck Accident

Posted on : November 6, 2014, By:  Ronald Slonaker

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, approximately 500,000 truck accidents occur every year nationwide. Because of the sheer size and force of a truck, it can be deadly in a collision. Protecting your legal rights after a truck accident and ensuring that you will have what you need to seek compensation later on is […]

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