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What Evidence Should I Use to Show Pain & Suffering In My Accident Case?

Posted on : April 13, 2021, By:  Ronald Slonaker

Pain and suffering compensation is awarded to many accident victims who file personal injury claims.  

You can use the following types of evidence to help indicate the severity of your pain and suffering after an accident: 

Your Hospital & Doctor Bills  

Your hospital and doctor bills can be used to illustrate how severe your injuries were. Typically, if you needed surgery or were hospitalized for any length of time, your medical bills will likely be higher than if you were simply able to get checked out at the emergency room and go home. 

These can be used to indicate that you suffered significantly after your accident; the higher the bill, the greater your pain is generally assumed to be. 

Images of Your Injuries 

If you are able to obtain images of your injuries, these can be extremely effective in showing the degree to which you suffered after the accident. Ideally, you will be able to get photographs of your injuries immediately or soon after they occur, and daily throughout the healing process. 

Your chances of a favorable case outcome are higher if you can clearly illustrate to the court with visual evidence how critical your injuries were. You can accompany the photographs with journal entries or notes of your condition on that day, along with whatever activities you weren’t able to engage in. Your medical records can also be used in conjunction with the photographs to give a visual representation of what is recorded in your charts. 

A Statement From an Expert Witness  

A medical expert witness is someone who can evaluate, interpret, and give information about your medical records. This is often helpful for victims with severe or complex injuries that may be difficult for the average person who may be hearing your case to understand. 

An expert witness for accident claims is generally a medical professional with specific expertise, training, or understanding in a particular field of practice. For example, if you suffered from multiple broken bones that will cause you pain for the rest of your life, you will likely benefit from working with an orthopedic surgeon as an expert witness. 

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