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What Are the most Dangerous Ocala Intersections?

Posted on : January 8, 2019, By:  Ronald Slonaker

Every city has certain neighborhoods or intersections in which accidents are more likely, and Ocala is no different. No matter where you get hurt in an Ocala car accident, you need to protect your rights to file a legal claim and take action as soon as possible.

Don’t let the statute of limitations expire before you file a suit against the responsible party if your injuries exceed PIP coverage- retain an Ocala car accident lawyer immediately.

One of the most recent intersections to garner city official attention is NE 30th Avenue and NE 14th Street. That’s because a father who lost his child in an accident there filed a petition for the traffic light there. That father discovered that 12 crashes had happened at that light in the last five years with the majority of them in the past year alone.

Some of the other intersections in which it might pay to proceed with caution include:

  • I-75 and SW College Road
  • I-75 and NW Blitchton Road
  • SW 27th Avenue and SW College Road
  • S Pine Avenue and SW 17th Street
  • I-75 and W Silver Springs Boulevard

If you’re hurt in an accident, pull over to the side of the road immediately to get the contact information of the other driver. Although you might not realize that you’ve been critically hurt during that moment, due to shock or adrenaline, you need a medical evaluation to determine your true diagnosis.

An accident at any one of these intersections or somewhere else in Ocala can change your life. Simply getting to work or running an errand can become a nightmare if you’re suddenly on the side of the road suffering from serious injuries. A car accident lawyer in Ocala is your best advocate. Only an Ocala car accident lawyer can help you conduct an investigation of the accident scene and give you some guidance about your next steps and recommended recovery.

Hire an Ocala car accident lawyer to help you with your injuries.