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How Can I Prevent Summer Car Crashes?

Posted on : April 15, 2022, By:  Ronald Slonaker
Ocala Car Accidents

Summer is a great time of year to roll the windows down and turn up the music in your car on a drive to nowhere, USA. But this beloved American pastime is inherently dangerous with the increasing number of car accidents taking place on Florida’s roads.

Here are some tips to prevent summer car crashes and what to do if you or someone you love were hurt in a motor vehicle collision.

Top Ways to Prevent Car Accidents In the Summer

Mind the Speed Limit

Driving carefree down a Florida highway on a balmy, tropical day sounds great until your vehicle hits an object on the road and careens out of control. If you’re going too fast when you swerve out of the way or when you suddenly hit your brakes, this can easily cause you to fishtail and lose control of the vehicle until it comes to a stop.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Enjoying a few beers on the beach is a favorite summer activity for many, but getting in your car afterward and driving home could be dangerous not only for you but for others on the road. You can prevent both minor and deadly collisions by just ordering an Uber or giving yourself more time in between your last drink and the time you need to drive.

Abide By Traffic Laws

In many of Florida’s larger cities, the traffic gets even heavier in the summer as tourists make their way to places like Disney World, Universal Studios, and the beautiful white-sand beaches. Make sure you’re paying attention to road signs at all times when you drive and abide by traffic laws in each area. Expect that people not from Florida will have difficulty finding their way around and drive defensively. Don’t speed or run red lights or stop signs, but expect that others around you may do so as they try to navigate their vehicles in a new place.

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